About Me

An English girl born in Manchester but raised in Bristol (which is gert lush) who went away for a ‘gap’ year back in 1992.

I backpacked around Oz, island-hopped through Asia on sailing boats, worked in the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, and somehow launched a media career in Singapore to support a passion for rock-climbing in southeast Asia.

Twenty years later I’m still on my Gap Year. I live by the sea in Sydney and don’t feel the need to travel as often, but when I do it’s not quite as adventurous as those early days – the tatty backpack and wad of aerograms has been replaced by a small trolley suitcase and an iPad.

This blog will attempt to chronicle some of my wanderings, revisit lost paradises and remember friends past as well as describing recent trips. I’ll re-photograph some of my old snaps from the pre-digital days in an attempt to create a fully illustrated Travel Blog.

Oh, I almost forgot. The title of this blog?

For those of you not familiar with Bristolian, ‘gert lush’ means freakin’ awesome. The dog’s bollocks. Aussies will probably realise that the title is a play on ‘Girt by Sea’, a line from our national anthem.

I also have a photo blog about life on Sydney’s coastal fringe, called Coastal Dweller

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